WH Smiths Job Vacancies

There are some brands that are just instantly familiar to residents of the UK and WH Smith is one of them. There has been a long-standing love affair between the British public and the endearing simplicity of WH Smiths stores. Effortlessly regarded as the UK’s number one Stationer, Newsagent and Bookseller, there is something for everyone in a WH Smith store. The business is thriving and they need people who pride themselves on offering excellent customer service to come and work for them. Isn’t it time you applied for WH Smiths jobs?

Still Thriving; Still The Best

There is a constant recruitment drive at WH Smith, and this is simply due to the continued success of the business that more job opportunities become available. Despite the economic downturn, WH Smith has publicly reassured its customers and potential new recruits that all is looking good for the future and financial results are proving strong. With over 550 high street stores and hundreds more travel outlets located in airports and train stations etc, it is no surprise that the company is always looking for talented individuals to join. In addition to this, WH Smith is pretty confident that they will have the perfect role for you. If you thrive in a customer service environment, there are many opportunities for you to meet and greet customers on a daily basis.

Straight To The Top

If you live in London then your next career move could be to the WH Smith Head Office. There are various jobs on offer and you could be right at the heart of all the WH Smith action, gaining valuable insight into the day-to-day processes of running and managing a Head Office. Plus, if you go in at a managerial level then you already have a distinct advantage. Working for WH Smiths, particularly at Head Office, means you can put this great employer down on your CV and feel confident that it will bode well for your next job, should you decide to leave Smiths somewhere down the line. Of course, those that join really do tend to stay for many years, so you know you’re in safe hands. Plus, as with any large, respectable employer, the longer you work somewhere the greater the benefits on offer, such as extended holiday entitlement.

At Head Office, you will find an advanced range of learning and development resources, preparing you for your next step up in the company. Embrace every opportunity that comes your way and you will reap the rewards. Bear in mind that there are other people looking for the same opportunity, so you have to prove that you are more capable and relish the learning process. There are workshops you can attend covering topics such as time management and PC skills in order to further your knowledge in the best possible way.

Store Roles Tailored To Your Needs

WH Smiths stores have job opportunities that are really tailored to the individual. The company doesn’t want you to come in and just be another till supervisor, they want to see you come in and develop your own skills and abilities as well as pro-actively working to help drive the company in the right direction. Many people assume store roles are bland and unexciting, but at WH Smiths this is far from the truth. There’s a great working environment and you’ll feel part of the team as soon as you start. Plus, being surrounded by a wide array of exciting literature, music and stationery means you will always have something to learn about and take and interest in, which will then help the customer when they ask you for advice about an item. You can find the true meaning of customer service when you work for WH Smiths.

Stay Alert

If you have decided that WH Smiths jobs could be right for you, don’t leave it any longer. That ideal role could be just around the corner, but if you don’t know about it then you’ll never get the chance to prove yourself as a valuable asset to WH Smiths. So, the best thing to do is to sign up for ‘job alerts’ on the careers website so you get to hear about the latest opportunities as soon as they become available. Beat the competition and keep your ear to the ground in the job market, as there is a lot of competition out there now.