Web Developer Jobs

The world of the web developer has been one of the fastest growing fields since the mid 1990s. This growth makes sense considering that having a web presence is something many companies, large and small, consider important.

In addition, well over 200 governments around the world have web sites. Then, there is myriad of learning institutions, all with their own web presence. We can’t forget all the personal web pages and blogs. The latest craze on the web is social media and these kinds of sites are popping up all over the web.

This list still doesn’t account for all the different sites on World Wide Web. But it helps to demonstrate that web development is a viable profession.

The demand for web developers in the UK has risen steadily since 2004. However, the current recession has caused a drop in that demand. Nevertheless, experienced web developers can still earn salaries of around £28,000 to £32,000.

As part of the IT sector, wed design requires that its professionals keep pace with new technologies. In the early days of the industry, web professionals had to know how to use HTML code manually.

Nowadays, software like Adobe Dreamweaver and WebDev do most of the coding. Although the professional still needs to know HTML, it’s mostly for tweaking and fine tuning.

Today’s web developer also needs to know about graphic design. Their vernacular now includes terms like JavaScript; Adobe Flash; Cascading Style Sheets; XHTML/XML; .Net to name a few.

There’s no disputing the fact the wed developer field has been fuelled largely by businesses looking to use the web to gain a competitive edge. But the World Wide Web is a much more exciting place today for web developers than it was in the early days.

The development of e-commerce has changed the way people buy and sell by providing an alternative to the traditional store or shop. Many people find online auction web sites useful.

Social media sites continue to grow in popularity as they provide a means for people to connect and communicate. Sites that allow the streaming of video and music have also secured a foothold on the web.
On top of that the web now offers a way for people to run certain applications from any computer anywhere. Previously, those same applications could only be run on a local computer.

And as newer technologies arrive on the market, the job of web development is bound to become more interesting. Wikipedia says web design is similar to traditional print publishing albeit more complex. The site compares a web site to a book and a web page to a page in a book. But most impressively, Wikipedia describes web design as “undoubtedly the most sophisticated and increasingly complex method to support communication in today’s world,” when taken to its full potential.

It can be argued that when companies face hard times, one of the first things they look to cut is their IT budget. This obviously includes spending money on web development. But the web developers have proven their worth. There’s no doubt that when the global recession ends, the demand for web developers will rise again.