Trainee Job Vacancies

Traineeships and apprenticeships offer outstanding career options. The basic idea of a traineeship is to combine actual work experience with structured training opportunities and study. After you have completed your traineeship you will receive a recognized qualification or accreditation in your chosen field.

Training can be on-the-job or a combination of work and study. There are a number of steps that you can follow in order to find a trainee job vacancy that suits you.

Step 1 Consider Interests

In order to decide which type of traineeship to pursue and which vacancies to apply for it is important to consider your likes and dislikes. By thinking about your interests and life experiences, you can start to consider that type of industry and occupation that you might like to work in. There are hundreds and hundreds of traineeship occupations to choose from, so it is important to refine your search. Once you have thought about your interests and experiences you may like to create a list of industry areas that appeal to you, for example IT, automotive, building and construction, retail. Then, you can create a list of occupations in this industry.

Step 2 Research

Research the occupations that you are interested in by reading online job guides. You should be able to easily find out the skills and abilities required for particular jobs in order to determine if you would suit a certain job. Look at the educational requirements needed and make sure that you have the necessary pre-requisite training.

Step 3 Create CV and Cover Letter

The purpose of a CV is to provide potential employers with an outline of:

• Your contact details
• Your skills and abilities
• Your education
• Your work experience
• Your references

You should use a CV template to build a professional resume in order to best highlight your strengths and abilities. A cover letter is intended to summarise your strengths and indicate your suitability for, and interest in, a vacancy.

 Step 4 – Finding a Vacancy

Searching for a traineeship can be a challenging and involved process so you must be organized in your approach. Employers advertise their willingness to take on a trainee in a number of ways. Local papers can be a great place to find traineeships, as many employers like to hire someone who lives close to their place of business. If you would like to find a traineeship with a large company, visit their website. Very often, large companies will have a JOBS link with information about their traineeship programs. Online job seeking sites will usually include a search function so that you can search for trainee positions. Talk to friends and family about possible traineeship opportunities – word of mouth can be a great way to find work.