Teaching Jobs

Teachers are very important to society because they are responsible for educating the next generation to be thoughtful, active and responsible citizens. Teachers may work in primary or secondary fields and are responsible for planning, implementing and reviewing educational programs. A teacher in secondary school specializes by subject, for example Mathematics, Science or English. Teachers in the primary education field may specialize in early childhood education or middle schooling.

A Typical Working Day

A teacher arrives at school early and plans and prepares for the school day. Teachers usually plan units of work that last for 6 to 8 weeks and refine this process on a daily and weekly basis. Teachers must cater for many different learning styles and ability levels to ensure that they are effectively encouraging active learning.

Teachers spend the day talking with students, lecturing, asking questions and demonstrating ideas and concepts. Teachers need to be extremely energetic and good at relating content so that it makes sense to children or teenagers. Increasingly, teachers must use technology to foster the learning process and enhance student’s ability to engage with ideas and information.

Teachers monitor the playground, attend staff meetings, meet with parents and work collaboratively with management, guidance officers and other stakeholders in education.

Teachers organize sporting and cultural activities and excursions. They assess and evaluate student work – marking forms a large part of a teacher’s duties. Teachers have a legal duty of care for the children who they supervise and must ensure that they approach learning in a politically correct and unbiased fashion.

Career Outlook

Teachers require a university degree and secondary teachers need a specialism in the area that they wish to teach. In the United Kingdom there are many teaching positions available. Teaching shortages often occur in particular areas around the country. For this reason, teachers who are willing to teach in any location and in any school have excellent job prospects. Many teachers currently working are expected to reach retirement age over the next 5 years, so it is expected that there will be many vacancies available in this time period.

Promotional Opportunities

Teachers who excel at their jobs are often offered the opportunity to become Head of Department, Deputy or Head Teacher. The government sponsors programs to promote teaching excellence and keep good teachers in the classroom.

Skills and Abilities

Teachers need to enjoy working with children. They should be extremely organized and possess very strong interpersonal skills. Teachers work in a team-based environment and must be able to work collaboratively. The educational system is hierarchical in structure and there is a strong culture of following rules and regulations and conforming to the expectations of senior management. Teachers need to have very good communication skills – a sense of humour is very useful.

Training and Education

Teachers need to have a university degree majoring in the specialism that they wish to teach and they also need to undertake a PGCE – Post Graduate Certificate in Education.

All teachers must pass a probationary year, where they learn and work under the supervision of a more experienced teacher. Once teachers pass this period they are able to gain Qualified Teacher Status.

Teachers must pass very strict police checks to ensure that they are suitable to work with children. Teachers must be registered with the General Teacher Council and maintain professional standards in order to remain certified.

Is Teaching Right For Me?

Teaching is a very demanding and rewarding career. A genuine love of education and an ability to connect with children are essential.