Supermarket Jobs

If you are very interested in finding work in the retail industry, there are many different supermarket jobs available. You should be able to find work with one of the several UK supermarket giants that dominate the retail industry in this country.

Types of Work

There is a vast range of different types of work that you may be able to get if you search for supermarket jobs in the UK. There are customer service roles, cashier roles, store cleaning roles, stocktaking roles and various other roles that relate to in-store positions. Most supermarkets also have a corporate ‘head office’, so if you are interested in office administration work, there may be opportunities for you here.

Skills and Abilities

In order to perform successfully in this type of role you will need to possess extremely strong people skills. As many roles involve customer service, it is important to be able to deal effectively, efficiently and politely with customers at all times. In addition to strong interpersonal skills, it is important to ensure that you are well organised.

Good organisational skills are a necessary requirement for the majority of roles in retail. While no formal education is needed, short courses and training that focuses on management and leadership skills may be useful – particularly if you are interested in pursuing a career in management.

Possible Employers

Tesco is one of the biggest supermarket chains in the country, and hires a diverse range of people for various roles in store and at their corporate centres. Tesco offers good benefits for employees, such as a pension plan and a staff discount. Sainsbury’s is another food giant that hires and enormous number of people nationwide. Sainsbury’s offers roles in store and is constantly searching for enthusiastic and committed individuals to maintain their success and growth. Other options include Marks and Spencer, Argos and ASDA.