River Island Job Vacancies

Fashion is an exciting, fast paced world. The trends are constantly changing, the competition to stay ahead is fierce and many people are excited to be a part of this world. Finding a career in fashion is not just about finding an open vacancy and filling it, but becoming a part of a lifestyle to advance your career.

Company History

River Island is a popular, High Street brand. The company was founded in 1948 and its headquarters are located in London. After years of name changes and concepts, the company has settled on the brand name River Island and continues to produce high end clothing for both women and men.

River Island has 260 stores in the UK and Ireland. The store brand also appears in Asia, Europe and the Middle East, confirming it as a global product. Known for trendy fashion pieces, River Island boasts elegant pieces that are cutting edge.

Corporate Culture

When it comes to working at River Island, everyone is on top of their fashion game. From those working the floor to those behind the scenes, knowing what is hot and what is not is a major factor in building confidence with customers. Plus, River Island encourages their employees to share this knowledge as a method of marketing. For example, the Insiders is a group of employees at River Island tapped to create marketing materials for the web on the constantly updating world of fashion.

In order to fit in at this company, it will be important to hold a strong interest in the fashion industry as well as a willingness to jump onboard the latest industry trends. Attending fashion events, reading up on fashion news and a general interest in fashion everything will serve you well at River Island. If you have little to no interest in this glamorous and grueling world, a career at River Island would not be a match.

Available Opportunities

River Island has 260 stores in the UK and Ireland. That’s a lot of area to cover here at home plus, they are constantly working to expand their name and product across the globe. There are unlimited opportunities to take part in this company on a local or even international level.

As with any fashion retail outlet, the usual positions are available on a store level. Working as a sales clerk, floor manager or in product management are standard positions that need to be filled. However, the long term careers really begin at the head office.

Located in West London, the head office is the corporate headquarters for River Island. This fast paced environment has everything to make life as an employee ideal, including a subsidized gym and restaurant. Achievement oriented, the head office offers many opportunities for those looking to build a strong career in fashion.

According to their website, some of these opportunities include...

  • Buying jobs
  • Merchandising jobs
  • Design and production jobs
  • Visual communication jobs
  • Marketing and press jobs

Employment at River Island

If you have decided that you are ambitious, passionate about fashion and determined to work for this ever blossoming brand, taking the next steps for employment are relatively simple. Go to the River Island website www.riverisland.com and click on their career tab. This will give you further information about what you can expect as an employee at River Island as well as lead you to their “How to Apply” portal.

The computer will sort through the different opportunities available to you. Then, you can submit your CV through a simple application process. If you are a fit for River Island, HR will contact you regarding an interview and hopefully, you will soon enter the world of high fashion.