Professional Resumes

Experts recommend most people should have an updated professional resume ready at all times, Just in case. In today’s labour market where fewer and fewer jobs are considered permanent, that sounds like sound advice. Yet most people cringe at the thought of writing their own resumes. No wonder resume writing and critiquing has become a fulltime occupation of its own. Higher learning institutions offer similar services to graduating students. But before sitting down with to have someone write a resume, the person will have to recall their entire work history and education in as much detail as possible. Bullet points are adequate.

It goes without saying that this will be the meat and potatoes of the resume, so this information should be organised chronologically. Some of it may not be used at all, but that will depend on the individual’s history and their resume needs.

Even if a person isn’t a student and doesn’t want to pay for someone else to create a resume for them, it only takes an internet connection and some free time to find plenty of help online. There’s no shortage of it. A quick Google search and there’ll be millions of results.

Some of the results will link to services offered by professional resume writers. But, there will be a lot of free stuff to help anyone who’s keen enough to write his or her own resume. There’s one important thing to remember though: the appearance, content and length of the resume changes from time to time. Like many things in the world we live in, HR people follow trends with regard to what they want to see in a resume.

There are some standard caveats. So, it’s worthwhile to spend the time and gather all the current information. On top of that, the professional resume is tailored a little different from other resume types. So, it’s also important to make sure that’s the type of resume being researched. In addition to using the internet, a trip to a local library is another option. There are dozens of books written on the subject of resume writing, catering to every resume need.

In fact, it’s a good idea to do both. Having more information at your disposal is better; however, make sure the book is a recent edition and up to date on the current trends. Over the years, I’ve attended several resume workshops and dealt with many people involved with resume writing on a professional capacity. What did I get out of it? I have a good understanding of how to write my own resume. A professional resume writer, or least someone who knows about resumes, is a resource that can’t be overlooked when working on a resume. Unfortunately, a book can’t critique. Neither can a website, unless it offers resume writing service, which means a person will be able to offer feedback. It’s not a bad idea for an individual to have more than one person look over their resume. But, that can have one of two effects: one professional may offer improvements to one aspect of the resume while the other may offer improvements to another aspect; or they could disagree over the same aspect of the resume.

Resume writing isn’t an exact science by any means. So we come back to the first point: having an up to date resume. Not only with the most recently work experience, but up to date with the latest trends where necessary. Once a person becomes comfortable with resume writing, it’s easier to target a resume for a specific job in a specific company. These days, a typical job search often means applying for several positions within several different organisations. I still go to the web from time to time whenever I need to tweak my resume. I like to use the web to search for things like key words and phrases. Some people like to call them power words and phrases. I also like to have an expert have a look at it as well.