Post Office Job Vacancies

With its history stretching back over 300 years, Post Office job vacancies offer candidates the chance to be a part of this history whilst also serving a vital role within the UK’s communities.

Part of the Royal Mail Group, the Post Office was originally setup to deal with the transactions of sending and receiving letters and dates back to 1635 when Charles I made is private mail service available to the general public. The Post Office now has 14,300 branches open across the country and these branches are categorised into three types of outlet. The Crown Office branches can be seen in city centres, whilst they also have smaller outlets in villages and towns which are run by subpostmasters/subpostmistresses. These smaller branches are often combined with a shop such as a newsagents or grocers, making them a focal store within the community. For more rural locations, the post office also provides Outreach services which include mobile Post Offices which offer services from local churches or village halls.

There have been great advancements since the Post Office’s 17th century beginning and its branches are now equipped to handle many different kinds of transactions. The modern day functions of the Post Office now include:

  • Postal services for the sending and receiving of mail items
  • Financial and banking services covering personal loans, car and home insurance, credit card, savings and investment products and bill payments
  • Travel services covering foreign currency exchange, travel insurance, passport application checking and sending service
  • Home telephone (HomePhone) and broadband internet service, directory enquiries, phone cards and mobile top-ups
  • Postal orders, gift vouchers and cards, National Lottery products, car tax and licence applications.
  • With over 170 products and services available, serving over 22 million customers per week and handling cash to the value of £90 billion per year, the Post Office is the largest retail and financial services chain in the UK.

Job Vacancies

The Post Office has the more typical job vacancies in IT, Finance, Human Resources, Marketing and Sales. There are also roles in their Banking and Financial Services teams. These positions are available at their Head Office in London.

However, if you are not looking for a job at their Head Office in London, there are also job opportunities within the Post Office branches. These opportunities include:

Subpostmaster, Subpostmistress or Agent – for someone with the ambition and ability to run a successful business that serves the community, you may want to consider running your own Post Office branch in rural, suburban or high street location.

Franchises – if you already own your own retail business or are looking to open one, there are also opportunities to expand and maximise your sales potential by incorporating a Post Office counter.

Counter Clerks – for every Post Office branch or counter, there is also a need for clerks who serve the customers within the community. Clerks also have the responsibility of offering professional advice to customers who seek information about the hundreds of products offered by the Post Office.

Cash Services – this team of individuals deal with the money generated by the Post Office, banks and high street stores, and are also responsible for the balancing of accounts and transporting cash to numerous Post Office customers.