Nursing Home Job Vacancies

The population of the UK is increasing because of the advancement of medical technology, more senior citizen, babies, children and teenagers all that need to be taken care of. That is the main reason why there is high demand in nursing home job vacancies, not only in UK but all around the world. Nursing home job vacancies is open to overseas nurse who wants to work in UK. Nursing become one of the very in demand and rewarding career around the world and will continue to be in demand for many more years. Some nurses will retire soon so we need more nurses to fill the vacancy.

There are several clinics, hospitals, private practice, private companies, learning disability homes, private home care, private nursing homes and care facilities that need nurses. All types of nurse are in demand but there are more opportunities for Registered Nurses (RNs) and Licensed Practicing Nurses (LPNs).

There are several nursing job in UK such as general nurses, specialist nurses, school nurses, pediatric nurses, aged care nurses and midwives. It may be a full time job, permanent job, contractual job, short term job or casual job. The nursing home job vacancies may be RGNs (Registered General Nurse), RMNs (Registered Mental Nurse), RNLDs (Registered Nurse Mentally Handicapped), RSCN (Registered Sick Children's Nurse), Midwives, Clinical Services, Unit Managers, Care Home Managers, Healthcare Assistants and Health Professionals.

Overseas nurses who want to work in UK are required to meet their education and practice standards. Applicants must be a nursing graduate and registered nurse in their home country. He or she must complete the three year training course for clinical, practical and theoretical course and twelve months post registration experience. He or she must be registered with NMC (Nursing and Midwifery Council) and UK regulatory body. He or she must pass the IELTS exam.

The nursing home job is to provide care to individuals, families and communities. They are responsible in maintaining and promoting quality life and health of patient, from birth to death. They are responsible for taking care of the sick and injured patient. They treat minor wounds and give medicine. Nurse assists doctors in examining and treating patient. Nurse observes the patient, ask for symptoms, do some tests and write it on patient record. Nurse is a people oriented job, they always interact with people, they give emotional support to patient’s family, they educated people on doctor’s instructions, they can teach about nutritional diet, exercise and proper hygiene.

Individuals who want to pursue a nursing career should have passion to help people, patience, caring, and kind. They are working mostly with sick people, so they should be physically and emotionally healthy not to catch patient disease or emotion. They usually work on shifting hours because patient needs twenty four hours care. They work on weekends and holiday.
Nurse who works on nursing home take care of residents with heath condition such as fracture, head injuries, Alzheimer, stokes and others. They assess health condition, perform difficult procedures, supervise nursing aides and LPN’s, develop treatment plan and do some administrative work.

Nursing aide or nurse assistant performs routine tasks. They make bed, serve food, and attend to all patients’ need like standing, walking, feeding, bathing and dressing. They answer patient call bells, assist patient to operating room or examining room and send messages. They observe patient’s mental, emotional and physical conditions and record it; if there are any changes he or she must report it to medical staff.

Some nurses’ works at the private home of patient, they visit patient’s home periodically. He or she assess patient condition and instruct the patient family. They take care of patient who suffers from stroke, cancer or accidents.

Nursing home vacancies is normally posted in employment section of local and national newspaper, advertise in online jobs website and agencies website such as nurse finders UK, care vacancy, nursing homes, nurserve, job rapido, job search, 1 job and many more. Just register and create your own profile, upload you CV or resume and cover letter, subscribe to email notification so you will be notified if there are nursing home vacancies that match your knowledge, experience, qualification and skills.

There are several factors that affects the salary of nursing home job this includes geographical location, age, position, employer, qualifications, work experience, skills, education and certification. The annual salary for new entry nurse is around £17,000 while the senior level is around £30,000. The annual salary of nursing home manager is around £35,000 - £45,000.