Night Job Vacancies

In today’s generation, most companies, industry and manufacturing operate twenty four hours a day and seven days a week. Working hours are no longer fixed from 8 to 5PM, working hours are now flexible and some companies have their own shifting schedules to ensure that there are people who are working at a specified time. There is no doubt that there are increasing night job vacancies to keep up with the needs of the employer.

Night job vacancies may be part time, weekend job, holiday job, full time or temporary job. There are several night jobs that you can apply for, depending on your qualification, experience, education, certification, skills and others. Night job vacancies are open for students who want to earn extra income. If you believe that you are more productive at night, why not try to apply for this night job, be protective service workers, health care workers, air traffic controllers, computer operators, funeral directors, casino dealers, photojournalists, taxi drivers, clinical lab technician, customer service, hotel staff, and pastry chef and bakers.

Protective service workers such as police officers, security guards, firefighters, jail and prison security, correctional officers and private detective works twenty four hours and seven days a week to ensure the safety and security of property and people. Health care workers also work twenty four hours and seven days a week because hospitals, home health care and nursing homes operates twenty four hours. People who work here are on call at all hours. Clinical lab technician works at night too, the same with health care workers, because the lab test result of the patient is very important. It may be a matter of life and death. Air traffic controllers such as airport tower controllers, radar controllers, en-route controllers and terminal controllers works during night because most control towers operates twenty four hours and seven days a week. Computer operators not only work on graveyard shift but they are required to work on weekends to monitor the computer operation.

Funeral directors are on call work, because people die any time of the day, so they need to operate twenty four hours a day and even on weekends. Casino dealers work in casino, there are more people during night time so the demand for night job vacancies is high. Photojournalist takes picture any time of the day to capture happenings and events. Taxi drivers are very in demand for people who drink at bars and clubs, people choose to go home using taxi for their safety, “do not drink and drive”. Pastry chef and bakers works at night to ensure that they will serve fresh goodies on the following morning.

Most customer service works on graveyard shift too, they need to answer phone calls to assist customers who are in need and who has concern. Hotel service staff works also during night time because hotels are open twenty four hours a day or seven days a week to accommodate people who are in need of accommodation. Sometimes guest will call for their concern and need and hotel staff should be ready to go to guest room for assistance.

The education, qualification, trainings, requirements and work experience may vary, depending on the night job that you are applying for. The annual salary of night job may vary depending on the position, nature of job, employer and work experience. People, who work during night time, may receive more income because of night differential and hazard pay. The night driver annual salary is around £22, 896. Nurse annual salary ranges from £21,000 to £24,000. The programmer annual salary ranges from £18,500 to £20,500. The firefighter annual salary is around £20,896 to £27,851. The station manager annual salary ranges from £35,916 to £39,614.

Night job vacancies are posted in any local and national newspaper and advertise in different online job website. Individuals who are interested to apply for night job vacancies are encouraged to register their information to any online job website, submit t their CV or resume, create an online cover letter and subscribe to job notification. Online job website will send notification through email once there are night job vacancies that match your profile. They normally updated their night job vacancy regularly or weekly depending on the demand. You can submit your application through company’s email or you can apply online using your online CV and cover letter. You can visit job is job, jobs nightlife, jobs trovit, total jobs, gum tree, indeed and job rapido for night job vacancy.