Next Job Vacancies

Next is a retail store that has been a widely successful name for a number of years. With the Next high street shops and the Next Directory both still proving that an individual’s love of fashion is still alive and well, there are always going to be career opportunities to take advantage of. Lets find out more about Next jobs and why you should be applying to work for this company.

The Next Trust

With over 500 stores across the UK, Next isn’t a small fish in a big pond. They have claimed the high-street and now occupy easy access locations around the country, making it easy for people to indulge in their love of Next fashion. There are also more than 2 million active Internet and Next Directory users, so you can understand how successful this company is. People trust in Next to deliver fabulous fashion and quality and the brand continues to hold onto its loyal following. So, with so many different ways for customers to shop, it is no surprise that Next needs a lot of staff to keep the cogs turning. Roles become available in Head Office as well as all around the UK in retail stores.

Warehouse Anyone?

If you’re used to stock management and enjoy the warehouse environment, there are Next jobs available in the Warehousing and Distribution areas of the business, which is considered to be an integral part to the company’s success. After all, if the goods didn’t arrive in store or to the customers in a timely manner, then Next wouldn’t be holding on to its retail crown today. There are over 5000 people dealing with over 315 million units of stock each year, so there are many individuals required to make this department operate smoothly. The company wants to maintain its solid reputation for prompt delivery and excellent customer service, so if this sounds like a challenge you’re ready to take on, there is a dedicated Next jobs site where you can find all the latest information on roles like this.

Don’t Delay In Applying

Of course, there are many other positions available within Next, not just in the distribution field. Trainee roles are available for those keen school-leavers or graduates looking to make a move into the fashion industry, and Next are always looking for people to fill these roles. It doesn’t take them long though due to the strong interest these jobs attract. Next jobs tend to be filled very quickly, so if you see one you think you would be ideal for, send your CV off before its too late.

Be A Valued Store Member

In addition to this there are also roles in the retail stores and Head Office. If you choose a job within a retail store, you will get the chance to meet the Next customers that are regular shoppers within a particular store. No matter what location you work in, the dedicated Next fans will soon become familiar faces and make your job much more interesting as you provide a great service to them to ensure they keep coming back. And naturally there are those that still haven’t fully experience the Next stores, so if they visit where you work then you can be sure to make their shopping trip a friendly and helpful one so that they too can become loyal shoppers to the brand.

Job Satisfaction For Sure

At whatever level you join Next, and whichever department you work in, you will have the chance to develop your skills from the very first day. Ongoing training and support is valued by employees and Next is considered to be an exceptional employer in terms of offering job satisfaction. With generous salaries and staff discount, Next employees know that their jobs are worth every penny. Plus, there are various Next benefits which present themselves as your career progresses with the company. These might include a healthcare scheme or a contributory pension scheme. Join Next and you get rewarded for your hard work and dedication.

Next encourage applications from people from all works of life, encouraging diversity and equality. Even if you fancy a complete career change, there might just be the right role for you at Next. The company might specialise in fashion, but if you have skills in other areas like homewares then you could still be a valuable asset to the company. Choose from a wide selection of Next jobs today.