New Look Job Vacancies

New Look is a fun and bold women’s fashion company founded in 1969. Less than fifty years after opening its doors, this successful company can boast over 800 stores in the UK, Eire and Europe. New Look is known for giving customers hot fashion at an incredible value. The trend is certainly catching.

Opportunities at New Look continue to grow and develop. The company has several stores in Europe but is also looking to slowly franchise out and across the globe. The ride is just beginning at New Look.

Corporate Culture

If you are interested in fashion and have high levels of energy and passion for what you do, New Look might be a good career match. On a corporate level, the company goal is to become the most popular international fashion value group. The company is working hard to gain global recognition and that starts with making their stores at home the best they can possibly be. The employees that share that goal of ambition with New Look are the ones who will rise to the top.

Learning and Development

At New Look, the focus is on getting the job done and getting it done right. Yet the fun attitude of the store, its workers and managers might leaving you wonder how it all gets done. This efficiency, of course, is as a result of intense training and development. Workers at New Look are constantly developed in areas where they show potential or need additional coaching. If you become a New Look employee, expect to grow and develop as a natural result of this bustling, busy environment.

Those first starting a career at New Look begin with the Introduction Programme training. During this training course, employees learn the big picture of the company as well as the role they will play in helping to make it successful. There will be customer service training designed to shape new employees into strong representatives of the New Look Brand. Finally, there will be brand training to help employees understand the philosophy of the brand and what it aims to represent.

Once employees have made it through introductory training, the work has just stated. New Look offers E-Learning, workshops and secondments to develop future leaders in the company. These training programs are designed to educate and challenge current employees, while building them up to do even better in their current and future roles.


Fashion lovers, take notice: One of the biggest perks offered to employees at New Look is the staff discount. This generous markdown makes it possible to dress in the New Look style from head to toe. If discounts on fashion merchandise isn’t enough to draw you in, keep in mind that New Look offers competitive incentives and bonuses. There is also a pension scheme.

Applying for a Job at New Look

There are several options to consider when examining a position within the company. The four areas available are:

  • Retail: Working within the New Look Stores
  • Head Office: Working within the head office
  • Distribution: Working with the support infrastructure of the company
  • International: Representing the brand on a global level, as franchises are developed

To get started in one of these four areas, you must fill out an online application under the Register Now tab. All applications are accepted via this format, except for those simply looking to work in the store as a sales rep. Those applicants apply to the store directly. Otherwise, the simple to use format is standard for online job applications.

If you get called into an interview, keep in mind that the traits most important to New Look are Confidence, Impatience and Fun. These qualities coupled with a strong resume could be your ticket into a career with New Look.