Morrisons Jobs

Morrisons is one of the United Kingdom’s largest grocery chains and employs many people nationwide. There are many opportunities to work in this large corporation and the company website has a dedicated job page. Morrisons is the fourth largest grocery chain in the country and has over 400 stores. Morrisons produces and sources high quality fresh food and other grocery items.

The main categories of work available for this successful company include:

• Head Office Positions
• Store Positions
• Graduate Opportunities
• Manufacturing
• Logistics

Staff Benefits

As a large corporation, Morrisons is able to offer a range of rewards, benefits and incentives to attract and retain staff. Employees are able to access the staff discount program. This allows a 10% discount on any items bought through the grocery chain. There is the potential to profit share in the business and some positions offer an annual bonus. There is a solid company pension available to help staff plan and prepare for retirement. Morrisons recognizes the contribution of staff by offering Service Awards bonuses paid every 5 years.

Head Office

The Head Office manages the operation and marketing of the entire business and there are many different types of work available. The Morrisons website has a dedicated job link and categorizes vacancies by field. There is a range of finance positions available within the company including accounts, payroll, financial reporting and group finance. The IT department provides the opportunity to work in governance, business applications, technical services and customer support. As a leading company, Morrisons has its own Marketing Department and there may be positions available in advertising, communications and public relations. Other job areas connected to head office include merchandising, security, personnel, trading and retail operations. There is an enormous range of opportunities available for individuals with the right training, experience and motivation.

Store Positions

For people interesting in working in the retail industry there are many job opportunities available at Morrisons. Individuals who work well in a team, who have strong interpersonal skills and who enjoy interacting and communicating with the public have good job prospects. There are jobs available working on the floor, in customer service and in specialty areas. Promotional potential exists and motivated workers have opportunities to apply for management and supervisory roles.

Graduate Training

Sometimes it can be very difficult securing your first job after graduating from University. Morrisons has a policy designed to attract talented staff that are able to bring fresh ideas and passion into the business. The graduate training program offers training in a range of different fields and is a good way to secure an entry-level position with the company.

Manufacturing and Logistics

Because Morrisons manufacture and produces many of its products, there are many job opportunities available in manufacturing and logistics. These positions essentially involve processing and producing food for sale in store. In addition to factory positions, there are management positions in manufacturing available. The actual logistics of delivering and supplying food products requires a vast team of energetic and dedicated people, so job prospects are strong in this area.