Market Research Jobs

Market researchers gather and analyse information in order to determine if there is an actual demand for a particular product or service. Market researchers source information, categorize data, perform surveys, write reports and make considered recommendations based on their research.

A Typical Day

 A market researcher may begin the day reviewing client briefs in order to ensure that their focus is on track. The usually work in a team and are allocated a specific area of a project to focus on. A market researcher attends many meetings throughout the day, both with clients and co-workers. Market researchers require a great deal of energy and exceptional communication skills.

A market researcher may work on creating a customized questionnaire in order to survey a sample group to test reactions to a particular product or service. They may track and collate information from company files and they may consider the wider industry statistics available in the government and financial sectors.

A market researcher spends most of the working day analyzing information and predicting and interpreting trends in consumer demand. They write reports and make detailed presentations to clients. Ultimately, they may make recommendations based on market research so that businesses can make an informed decision about weather to launch a new product or service.

Career Outlook

Market researchers need to be highly educated and experienced in order to obtain employment in this particular field. Competition for positions at prestigious companies is fierce. Many market researchers are able to secure work at advertising agencies, for charities or for government organizations.

The current economic climate has reduced the number of positions available in this field, because of a drop in consumer spending. When the economy improves there may be an increase in demand for market researchers. Market researchers who are able to use the latest technology in order to collect and analyze information have stronger prospects for employment.

Promotional Potential

Many people begin their career as marketing assistants and then progress to market researcher positions. A common career path after working in market research is to move into sales and business development roles. Individuals with exceptional drive and focus may be able to successfully launch their own marketing companies. Many individuals are able to have successful careers working for government agencies.

Skills and Abilities
Market researchers need to be very good at organizing and collecting information. A good market researcher has strong financial instincts and is able to identify emerging trends. Good mathematical and computer skills are essential. Market researchers should also have strong sales abilities because they may need to pitch their ideas and convince clients that their interpretation of all available data is valid.

Education and Training

Market researchers usually possess a university education. Most market researchers have commerce degrees and major in marketing and finance. Some market researchers have a background in psychology, statistics or the behavioural sciences.

Is a career in Market Research right for me?

People who love research, technology and finance make good market researchers. It is essential to have a strong interest in the latest consumer trends and an ability to think critically about data and understand how statistics influence business marketing decisions.