Insurance Job Vacancies

Whether it’s seeking a job or recruiting for a particular industry, job vacancies are everywhere. With regard to insurance and the financial services industry, there are many insurance job vacancies to be filled in the UK alone. You can go searching for positions in the newspaper, insurance magazines or online. Over the internet, there are many insurance jobs and financial services jobs advertized. These ads are either posted by direct employers in the UK or specialists in insurance and financial services recruitment agencies.

It’s easier to find the position that fits you in a large international job vacancies site in the sense that these sites provide for drill down boxes to allow you to filter your job search. You get the best match for your interest, skill and experience. If you’re looking for a position in life and pensions, financial services or general insurance, there’s a position or two in the insurance job vacancies to pique your interest. Aside from a wider coverage to open positions in the insurance industry, you are also guaranteed to be dealing with specialist financial as well as insurance recruitment professionals. With a great understanding of the dynamics of the insurance marketplace, the most suitable job positions, career advice and vacancies are provided for by these career sites.

Under insurance job vacancies, you can look more specifically at positions in sub specialties like broking, actuarial, loss adjusting, claims, underwriting and regulatory and compliance insurance. Together with these vacant positions, you have access to the very best career advice with regard to the world of insurance and financial services. If you need guidance through every stage in the recruitment process or have a need for professional development courses, there are also tabs for these kinds of services on the career sites.

In financial services in the UK, the featured employers that have insurance job vacancies are Wilby Insurance, Travelers, and the First Central Insurance Management Ltd. There are also insurance job vacancies in financial services and customer service temp jobs with AXA in locations like Bristol, Haverhill, Ipswich, etc. With Wilby Insurance, they have a need for an account executive to work in the city centre. This is a permanent type of employment where a competitive salary is offered together with a car and bonus. With a skill in managing broking sales for beginning to end, you might be the one this company needs to fill the insurance job vacancies they have.

Under the First Central Insurance Management Ltd., they have many positions open in insurance and financial services. One of the insurance job vacancies they have is personal injury claims handler. This job will be based in Hayward Heath in West Sussex. As of today, the company is expanding their team and if you have a skill for managing your own portfolio for Personal Injury RTA claims, you might be the one to fill the vacancy. The job is very challenging in that you have to know how to multitask as well as fast track claims to a settlement authority.

For the same company and location, a position is open for policy support agent. The person to fill these insurance jobs vacancies will have the duty to respond promptly and efficiently either through email or telephone to customer inquiries about the insurance policy they have. This role also entails updating as well as revising the policy detail that customers have with regard to adjustments, cancellations and the like in their insurance.

With Travelers, this company is looking for people to fill insurance job vacancies in senior underwriting, commercial underwriting, development underwriting and even wordings. On the wordings position, Travelers needs an assistant wordings specialist. This job will be based in London where the successful candidate will review, draft and amend policy wordings. A big part of the job is to ensure compliance with breadth of coverage and depth the underwriters’ intend. Also, this means that all slips and wordings made by brokers and underwriters meet pre bind quality assurance.

The senior underwriter position in the insurance job vacancies of Travelers is going to be based in Redhill, Surrey. The position to be filled will be in one of the specialist areas that the company has. Here, existing and new business underwriting will be the successful candidate’s work base. There are so many opportunities open in the insurance industry in small as well as large companies. To get the scoop of what the insurance job vacancies are today, just type in the keywords of your search on the search bar.