HGV Driving Job Vacancies

A HGV driver is responsible for transporting goods from one place to another. Transports can be from one dock to another, from factory to another warehouse, or from factory to customer. It can also take place from warehouse to retailer. These transports can take place across many destinations and locations.

Only a HGV licensed individual can drive a heavy goods vehicle. In order to become licensed to drive one of these vehicles, there are tests that are required by the government.

There are two categories when it comes to HGV driving. The first category is N2 which give vehicles such as Lorries maximum allowable mass of 12 tons. The second category, which is known as N3, can load more than 12 tons.


The typical way that drivers transport things is by a trailer, tanker, rigid trailer, or a transporter. Being a HGV driver can be taxing because drivers are for the most part required to work a typical 40 hour work week. Sometimes they work more but the government requires they get at least one day off.

Skills Required

There are no educational or special training skills required to become a HGV driver. A basic understanding of English and math is required though. You must also have experience and become trained in professional driving before you can become licensed. You also need to have knowledge of traffic rules, have skills about navigating on the road, and a basic understanding of auto mechanics.

Basic math skills are required because drivers need to fill out paperwork and record sheets. There are a few other basic requirements that include an overall good health, you must be able to loan and unload things, and you need to have good eyesight to drive. You need to pass a medical physical exam.

Additional Responsibilities

Being an HGV driver is an important role and with the job comes a huge responsibility. The individual has to be reliable and dependable as well. These factors are to make sure that the delivery gets made on time. When delivering a load, it needs to be secured enough so that it does not get hijacked and so it doesn’t fall off the truck causing an accident. An assistant can come in handy to help unload and load packages in and out of the truck. It’s also important to have customer service skills because the driver has contact with the customers.