Delivery Driver Job Vacancies

If you are one who loves driving or being in a car, you may want to consider a career as a delivery driver. Delivery drivers transport things from one place to another and get paid to do it. What better can you ask for? There are many different types of delivery drivers. There are truck delivery drivers, car delivery drivers, tractor-trailer drivers, small package drivers, and food delivery drivers.

Tractor Trailer Drivers

Tractor-trailer delivery drivers often times are in charge of handling cargo that is large and transporting it long distances. Some of this cargo is delivered cross country. Drivers are responsible for fuel costs, maintaining their tractor, and also making sure that all packages are delivered on time. The job of a tractor-trailer driver can vary from day to day. One day you may be transporting cars while the next day you are transporting livestock. With this type of work, you are going to spend a great deal of time on the road.

Food Delivery Drivers

When it comes to food delivery drivers, we have all seen them before. Pizza delivery falls into this type of work. This type of work requires you to deliver food to people’s homes and take money and provide change. You also can make tips with each delivery. The faster you deliver and the friendlier you are can determine how much you make in tips. You need to have your own car for this type of work.

Small Package Delivery

We have all ordered something whether it was online or through a catalog. The way it is delivered is considered to be small package delivery. This includes UPS, FedEx, and more. These types of drivers are required to get signatures when packages are dropped off.

Delivery Driver Earnings

Being a delivery driver is not going to make you rich by no means. You will however be able to make ends meet and pay your bills. Delivery drivers can earn an average of $13.27 per hour. Tractor-trailer or heavy truck drivers can earn a little more in the range of $16.85. Food delivery drivers make less than average around $10. For courier services as well as other they range is pay from $9 to $25 an hour.

Educational Requirements

For many places that are seeking delivery drivers, a minimum of a high school diploma is required. You will also need a driver’s license and a driving record that is clean. To drive heavy truck you are also going to need to get a CDL license and classes may also be required.

Career Paths

If you are dedicated and have a true passion for driving, there are many jobs out there for you. If you are good at what you do, some fields will promote you to management levels or you may be training others.