Coca Cola Job Vacancies

Coca Cola is an incredibly well-known company. So well known, that it might be difficult to find a group of people in the UK who have never tried a Coca Cola product! This is because this company, started in the mid-1800’s, is not just recognizable but brilliant at putting products into the hands of consumers. Most recognizable for its popular soda beverage, Coke, Coca Cola also produces several other products under their brand name umbrella. This company spans the globe, offering immense opportunity for those looking for a long lasting career in a wide variety of industries.

Opportunity for Workers

The opportunity for workers at Coca Cola is immense, both in availability of opportunity and employee development. In Great Britain, the Coca Cola company aims to create a positive work experience, help their employees grow and offer a work environment that makes them feel as though they are cared about and treated well. The Coca Cola company also puts a huge emphasis on fun, with the intent of creating a rewarding and inspiring place for employees to go to work every day.

These types of initiatives are important to consider when evaluating who you want to work with for the next ten, twenty or thirty years. The Coca Cola company believes that giving respect for their workers leads to stronger, productive and loyal team members and this belief has paid off. Coca Cola already has started to receive recognition for its role in the workforce as a great employer. In 2009, they appeared at #26 on the Great Place to Work Institute UK’s rankings for Great Britain.

Company Expectations

Are you a goal oriented person? Then working for the Coca Cola company might be right for you. One of ways Coca Cola attempts to stand out to their employees is by creating positive and attainable goals for their team members. Goals and results are carefully measured and rewarded, allowing employees to feel pride in their results.

If you are a person who likes to know exactly what is expected to you and whether or not you are measuring up, Coca Cola might be a great company for you. They will help you plot out where you want to go and how to get there. If you need a less structured work environment, the emphasis on achievement may not be the right work environment for you.

Training and Employee Investment

When Coca Cola finds an employee who is a fit within the company structure, they will work diligently to develop the employee into the best worker possible. Statistics on the UK website show that Coca Cola invest an average of 1,413 pounds per employee on training and development in 2008. That is a staggering figure!

When training employees, the company focus on the areas of functional expertise, leadership and personal development. Specific training programs highlighted on the site include:

  • Personal development
  • Leadership development
  • Consumer marketing skills
  • Customer and commercial leadership skills
  • Franchise leadership

For those first beginning with Coca Cola, the training program is a ninety day intensive designed to bring workers into the company with clear cut training, goal and future ambitions in mind.


Now that you know all about what Coca Cola is looking for, visit their website and click on the opportunities section found at the bottom of the Employment: Our People page. This will lead you to an online portal designed to make it easy to apply for your dream job at Coca Cola online. Although the process of working for Coca Cola is a process that will not happen overnight, once you are in the company, the opportunity for success are at an all-time high.