British Army Job Vacancies

The British Army has the duty of supporting the Government of the United Kingdom. This includes those figures of the government who were elected via a democratic election. As a member of the British Army, a worker can expect anything from working to defend the homeland of the UK, serve overseas or assist with the United Nations.

It is possible to work as a volunteer in the Army or as an employee. Either way, working with the British Army is a serious commitment. Although it can lead to an exceptional career with unlimited opportunity, you are obligated to live up to the rules and expectations of this national organization.

Opportunity for Workers

The Army is made up of a specific regimental system with a command structure. This structure is designed to manage a large organization without deviation. When working in the British Army, you will be a member of a unit. These units offer both full and part-time career opportunities.

One of the benefits for many is the opportunity for career advancement in the army regardless of degree or prior education. For those who are willing to work hard, the army offers an unlimited career path. However, education is seen as incredibly important and is supported by the British Army as you move forward on a career path.

Specific Development Opportunities

The British Army offers over a hundred different types of jobs within its structure. Whatever your speciality, the British Army most likely has a place where your talents can be used. The categories that make up the majority of positions within the British Army include: Ceremonial, Combat, Communications, Engineering, HR, Finance, Intelligence, IT, Logistics, Medical, Musical and Support. Within these categories, there are countless opportunities to develop and utilize specialized skill sets.


The British Army is built around a support structure for its workers. When workers are taken care of, they are capable of putting out more for the organization. So, the British Army ensures that workers within the company are given constant opportunity for advancement. This includes education and grants designed to help workers develop and become better.

The British Army offers competitive pay, pensions, time-off, family services that include subsidized rent for married couples and social activities, to name a few. The army website offers clear-cut, in depth information on the advantages one can expect when taking on a career within the British Army.

How to Find a Job at the British Army

If you are interested in joining the British Army, get started by visiting their website. This website offers an opportunity for serious applicants and those simply looking for information to talk online with a live Army Careers Advisor. This advisor will determine what you are looking for in a career with the British Army and point you in the right direction to achieve your goals.

Ready to just get started? Visit the Army Jobs homepage. This page offers a job search engine for prospective employees. This job search portal is broken down by careers that require a degree, GSCE or equivalent, A Levels or equivalent or no prior training or education. Once that category is determined, you can search for both full or part-time jobs available within the British Army.

Unlike many other companies, the British Army is happy to meet with you live to discuss career options. On the Army Jobs tab of the website, you can enter your zip code and find an Army Office near to you. That way, you have the opportunity to go in and speak with someone regarding your career aspirations. This counselor can work with you to develop a plan regarding a career path with the British Army.