Barclays Job Vacancies

Founded more than 300 years ago in London, Barclays is a leading name in banking. It started as a UK business but has since branched out to become a prominent worldwide financial services business. The company now offers a wide range of products and services that aim to meet the needs of customers from various countries. Of course, with this long and varied history, Barclays has got the reputation and extensive customer base to ensure working for the company is a great experience. They know the true meaning of looking after staff and there are various Barclays jobs that can be tailored to meet your skills and experience, with ample room for improvement and career progression.

Trust In The Barclays Name

So, why do people choose to apply for roles at Barclays? It could be the way they look after staff or it could be because people know that putting Barclays down on a CV will look instantly impressive. When you consider that the company employs over 145,000 people in over 50 countries, you can start to get an idea of the sheer size of this business and one that has its roots firmly planted in the banking sector. Most banks can take the knocks and setbacks the changing economic climate throws at it, but ultimately you won’t find another bank that can compete with Barclays, which is why the name is still successful and well-known to this day. If you take a job at Barclays you’re joining a bank that knows how to treat its staff and power through the recession.

Customer Respect

An ability to appreciate and understand the Barclays relationship with the customer is a must when you work for this bank. Each customer is to be respected and guided in an honest, positive way that will ensure they get the best advice from the bank they trust their savings with. Indeed, the struggling economic situation affects businesses, but it also affects the customers, so it is important that you look after your valuable customers who still trust in your bank to provide them with the best service.

The Barclays Range

If you’re not familiar with the range of services that Barclays offer, take a look at the comprehensive (but not exhaustive) list below:

  • Investment Banking
  • Credit Cards
  • Wealth Management

Barclays is proud of the fact they lend, invest and protect money from customers all around the world, with over 49 million people choosing the Barclays name as their favourite bank. For school-leavers, graduates and professionals, there are roles within Barclays for you to get your teeth stuck into. Barclays like to consider themselves a great place to work that is both challenging and rewarding, so you will gain some valuable skills with which you can progress further within the company. Plus, all new starters are offered support, which makes settling in just that little bit easier. There are specialist training programmes to help you understand the business as a whole and also develop those essential skills so that you can perform your job to a high standard. This new-starter support is a welcome addition to those that might be nervous about their new start at Barclays, and it isn’t something that many other banks are able to confidently promote.

Learning and Developing

There is a Barclays-dedicated online learning management system, a mentor programme and also further development opportunities which shows just how committed Barclays is to providing ongoing support and learning programmes. Plus, if you have other commitments outside of work, Barclays will work with you to discuss flexible working practices. This is an employer that understands there is more to life than constant working, yet they expect individuals to work their hardest when at work in return for their flexibility.

The Bank That Understands Flexibility

Flexibility is also part of the Barclays Sharepurchase scheme, which is a tax-free opportunity to buy Barclays shares. Join Barclays and you instantly become a part of the company and the floodgates open in terms of benefits…you will be pleasantly surprised at just how amenable staff at Barclays are when it comes to working with them. Great people share one common appreciation – the great bank they work for. So, if you’re looking for a career change, Barclays jobs are available for you to browse now.