Animal Care Jobs Vacancies

Animal care job vacancies are available in a range of different fields. Individuals who are interested in working with, and caring for, animals for a living may be able to find work in veterinary surgeries, animal research centres, training establishments, stables, kennels or catteries. Most animal care job vacancies will require a range of different skills and abilities. The general working conditions of the job, pay and progression potential and experience requirements will usually vary according the specific industry and field.

Veterinary Practice Vacancies

Animal care vacancies in this area may include positions such as vet, vet nurse and animal assistant.

Veterinarian - A vet is essentially a doctor for animals and needs to undergo extensive training at University in order to be able to provide medical assistance and support to animals and their owners. Veterinarians provide treatment to injured or sick animals and give owners advice about diet, disease prevention and behavioural issues.

Animal Nurse – An animal nurse assists the vet in surgery and also performs general nursing duties such as changing dressings, supplying medication and monitoring the health of animals who are at the surgery.

Animal Attendant - An animal attendant is responsible for the day-to-day general care and grooming of animals in the vet surgery. Animal attendants groom and wash animals, feed them, exercise them and may make observations about health and behaviour.

Stables, Kennels and Catteries

Many vacancies in animal care exist in stables, kennels and catteries. Animal care jobs in this area require individuals to care for, accommodate and exercise animals on behalf of owners or trainers. Many people leave their animals in these environments for brief periods of time while they travel away from home. These vacancies usually require that individuals have experience working with animals. Animal care workers who have good animal handling skills and a strong knowledge of animal behaviour will have a good job prospects. Duties in these types of positions include bathing, grooming, cleaning cages, exercising and playing with animals under supervision.

Training Centres

Vacancies exist in animal training centres. For individuals with experience who are unable to find suitable training vacancies, there is the potential to set up business as an independent animal trainer. The strongest demand in this area is for racehorse training services and dog training services. Racehorse trainers have highly specialized industry knowledge and usually have a background in jockeying, breeding or racehorse ownership. Horse trainers need an excellent understanding of horse behaviour, racing rules and practices, horse training strategies and methods. Dog trainers may run specific training ‘schools’ that owners can attend on a weekly basis. Dog trainers teach owners effective strategies for managing their dogs.

Other Vacancies

Vacancies in animal care exist in many different areas. Guide Dogs for the Blind, The Kennel Club, the RSPCA and the Institute of Animal Technology are some of the main organizations responsible for caring for, researching and working with animals. There a many job opportunities available in the animal care field for individuals who possess the necessary training, skills and knowledge.