Aldi Job Vacancies

Aldi is an immensely successful multinational corporation with grocery stores located around the globe. There are many job vacancies available for people who are interested in working for the Aldi corporation. Aldi aims to recruit energetic, reliable and hardworking individuals who are interested in the food and retail industry.

Store Manager

Store manager vacancies are available in Aldi stores across the nation. Aldi hires active, dedicated and sales focused individuals to manage the staff and sales process in-store. A store manager’s main role is to help the company reach the correct profit targets through wise and careful management. Store managers are in charge of compliance and must ensure that stock standards are maintained. This involves ensuring that ordering levels are correct, that products are fresh, that displays maximize visibility to the consumer and that hazards are identified and avoided.

Store managers train and develop staff and recognize good performance. They communicate the Aldi vision to their team and deal with all employee conflicts and disciplinary issues.

Assistant Store Manager

Assistant store managers help the store manager to reach his or her goals. They provide support and assist in achieving overall goals and objectives. Store managers need to be motivated, diplomatic and they must possess very good interpersonal skills. There are many assistant store management positions available at Aldi. These positions are listed on the company website.

Store Assistant

Store assistants service customers and answer questions about products. They keep shelves properly stock and identify hazards. Store assistants process payment for goods and complete transactions. They accept returns and issue refunds. Store assistants work as a team to provide a high standard of service to Aldi customers.


Drivers ensure that products reach consumers. They are a vital part of the distribution process. Drivers for Aldi deliver products to stores. Drivers for the Aldi home deliver service deliver products directly from storage warehouses to the consumer. A suitable license, a willingness to work flexible hours and an enjoyment of driving are essential. There are many driving positions available and good, reliable drivers have excellent job security because their services are always in demand.

Warehouse Selectors

Warehouse selectors choose the correct items from an inventory list and organize them so that they can be collected by Aldi trucks, ready for delivery to the Aldi store. Warehouse selector vacancies are available across the country. Flexible working hours are available. A willingness to work in a fast paced environment is necessary.

The Application Process

Aldi lists vacancies online and provides an online application form. Once you have completed the form, you will be notified if you are required to attend an interview. The interview process involves answering questions in connection to the role, your experiences, your work history and your future goals. If you are successful at interview, you are provided with a training and induction program prior to commencing employment.