Accountant Job Vacancies

Accountants make sure that firms run smoothly and efficiently, they make sure taxes are paid, and they also keep public records accurate. They also are in charge of communicating information for different companies as well as individual clients. Accountants also offer legal services to a certain limit, investment planning and budget analysis.

Training and Education

To be an accountant, most of the time a Bachelor’s degree is required in either accounting or a field that is related. In some cases, some accountants become certified to help further their careers and become CPA’s.

Some employers are opting for accountants that have Master’s degrees is accounting or for individuals who have a Master’s degree in Business Administration. Most colleges as well as universities nowadays are offering students programs that will help prepare them for work is a specialty that is always growing and includes internal auditing. There are also professional companies that offer educational courses, seminars, and conferences.

Certification or Licensure

If an accountant files a report through the Securities and Exchange Commission, they are required by law to be a CPA. This can include senior level accountants who work for any company that is registered through the SEC. If an accountant passes the exam and can also meet any other requirements of the region they live in, they can then become a CPA. Many places have a requirement that CPA’s need to be college graduates however a few areas will consider anyone who has a few years of experience.

Job Options for Accountants


Accountants can work as auditors and this type of work involves both checking financial statements and account ledgers within the government. This type of work is rapidly becoming more and more computerized. This type of work can also require a lot of traveling and you can get an understanding of how companies make money.


Being a financial accountant, you will have the opportunity to prepare financial statements that are based around ledgers. You may also be running spreadsheets at some point and you will also play a role in financial decisions. Work varies from time to time. To do this type of work, you will need a great understanding about finances and accounting.

Budget Analysis

This position has the responsibility to develop and manage financial plans. This job will require you to have people skills as you will be doing negotiations from time to time.

Management Accountants

These type of accountants work with companies that participate in making decisions about business analysis and capital budgeting. Some of the major functions that come with this job can include analyzing new contracts, cost analysis, and participating in ways to control expenses.

Places Where Accountants Can Work


Accountants who work for the government can work at either local or state level offices. They can administer budgets, analyze programs and track costs. Working with the government can offer advancements to higher administrative level positions.

Many accountants choose to become CPA’s. Doing so can require you to find you own business or clients. Going solo can offer high financial stability. While this work comes with risks, in the long run it is well worth it.